Easy way to check for license availability and use from client machine

Easy way to check for license availability and use from client machine


Would anyone know if there an easy way to check, for an installation of Inspector XE or VTune Amplifier XE, what license files they are using and what license servers they are connecting  to?

I can't find this information anywhere so far in the applications themselves or even in the Intel Software Manager GUI (on Windows).

The license management really is dreadful. I am baffled how this can have been so badly designed by Intel. 

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The easiest way is to just search for .lic files in the path of the environment varialbe INTEL_LICENSE_FILE, e.g.:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Composer XE 2013>echo %INTEL_LICENSE_FILE%
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses

This is the default location of the license file. By default only one .lic file should be there. If this is the case, look at the server name in the first line (SERVER .....) of this license file and you know the license server.

But depending on oyur VTune/Inspector setup, you may also find the port@server of the license server directly as value of the enviornment variable.

However, you may have more search paths in your env var and more license files on your client system. Then you can identify which license actually is being used:

Set the enviornment variable, e.g. INTEL_LMD_DEBUG=%temp%/<LMD_debug.log> (temporarily on command prompt or as system enviornment variable), run VTune Amplifier XE or Inspector XE (on command prompt or GUI, depending where you set the env var) and search for the SMSA string in the log file. The 8-digits number following SMSA is the serial number. Then serach for this string in all .lic files and in the license where you find this string you can identify the license server shown in the SERVER line.

I hope this helps.
Regards, Hubert

If the setup has been done using INTEL_LICENSE_SERVER then this works.  Why then have an option  to read a license file during the  activation part of installation and yet have that location not readily accessible?  In the end I used procmon to trace all the file reads being done by the process but  the information should be in a readily accessible place, as it is for other software.

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