License file not received

License file not received


I need my license file to install the compiler on my computer and as it is the free version, no license infos are available from the registration center.

Since I can't find anyway to mark this post as private, I await a reply, as per the procedure described here :


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You can use your serial number for product activation during installation, that's the easiest way. But I've sent you also your license file in case you cannot connect to the Intel® Registration Center for remote activation.
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Update. We no longer send license files for non-commercial licenses. You need to use the serial number for product activation during product installation. If direct product activation using the serial number doesn't work you need to obtain an unlock code from a different computer which can connect to the Intel® Registration Center. The procedure how to obtain the unlock code is explained by the product installer.
Regards, Hubert.

Ok then, I'll use some other method of installation. Thanks for your help.

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