Linux Intel Fortran Compiler License Expired?

Linux Intel Fortran Compiler License Expired?

I am supposed to have a perpetual license.  This compiler was working fine back in April on this machine, which is not connected to the internet.  I have the Intel Composer XE 2011 product, and it shows fine in my intel account.  Trying to run ifort, I get:

"Error:  A license for FCompL could not be obtained

 Your license has expired.

 License file(s) used were (in this order):

    1. Trusted Storage

 ** 2. /opt/intel/licenses/COM_L___****-********.lic 


The actual serial number is in the asterisks in the license file name in the message.  I need help to resolve this.  The license file is in /opt/intel/licenses as it should be, and its name is correct.  I checked the file in my intel account, and it is the same as what is on this machine.


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If this license is registered to you, it may be worthwhile to go to and have a refreshed copy of your license emailed to you.  If that doesn't do it, there's the companion forum on licensing and registration.

I'm moving this to the licensing forum. They will help you. I found two licenses registered to you, both of them permanent (though their support terms have expired.)

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Hi, Pedro

I'm now taking look at your issue.

Have you installed any evaluation before using the product license? Do you have other licenses located in your license folder. The expiration notice might be caused by your previous evaluation.

In this case, you can follow instructions in below article to activate your product:

In other cases, you may send me your license file or serial number through private message.

Hope this helps.

Thank you

Yolanda Chen

Intel Developer Support


I sent you a message, along with the license file I am using.


I have an "Educator" license, for several computers. My license expired in an exact same way. When I enter it says that all licenses are expired (it seems that they lasted one year).

How should I renew the licenses?

Can I keep the current version of the software (Educator Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Linux 2015)?
(I would prefer this, since some of the software on my computers relay on this specific version, otherwise I would to recompile lots of software...)

Thank you, best,


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