not all licenses showing up as renewable

not all licenses showing up as renewable

We have two licenses for the Intel Fortran compiler for windows. They were purchased in March of 2012. I'm not sure of the expiry date as we had renewed them late. We are now renewing the licenses but the reseller says that only one of them can be renewed becasue the second one was never formally registered. I registred the second license today. When I look at the licenses in my profile, only the second one shows up as valid. Last night, however, the other license showed up as valid. 




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Hi, Dennis

In Registeration Center, by default it will NOT show "expired license", you must choose "Show Expired Registration" check box to show both your current and expired license products.

If both of your licenses are already active and current, please send a private message to me including your license information. So that I can have a check on your problem.

Thank you


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