question about the vision of abaqus and fortran

question about the vision of abaqus and fortran

excuse me

I'm confused with the vision of the abaqus and fortran. I have fortran11.1 and fortran 12.0.I also have abaqus 6.10 and abaqus 6.11. In the abaqus verification, I learned that both the  abaqus 6.10 or 6.11 require the fortran 10.1 or 11.1. So, my fortran 12.0 wil not fit it. While I found that some people achive to link the abaqus 6.11 with fortran 12.0 that by change the environment variable.The abaqus verification promote as below:

Status:         Warning - Found Intel Fortran Compiler13.0, which is newer

               than the published Abaqusrequirement at the time this

               version was released.  Later minor releases of a published

               requirement are generallycompatible with Abaqus.  Please

               check the system requirementsweb page for the latest

               information on supportedconfigurations.

              I am wonder that if I can learn this mathod to link abaqus 6.10 with fortran 12.0? Is there any trouble in the further applyment.Or should I do the abaqus verification told me to link abaqus 6.10/6.11 with fortran 10.1/11.1, and don't make differents scheme?

             I am really thank you for help me!

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

It is best for you to use Abaqus supported compiler versions.  We cannot guarantee that 12.x will be compatible with older major compiler versions.  This may be risky, symptoms could include runtime segmentation faults.

You have access to these older versions:


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