Problem registering product and need licensing daemon files

Problem registering product and need licensing daemon files

Hello -

I have a registration issue that I seem unable to resolve. The University I work for had purchased a 25 seat floating license for the Intel Fortran Compiler. I have the serial number but am unable to register it as it displays a message that it has already been registered, The individual that originally purchased (and likely registered the software) is no longer with the university so I am somewhat stuck. Also, the software has now expired and while I am in the process of renewing that, the licensing server is being shut down and I need the Intel daemon files for FlexLM so it can be set up. Oddly enough, it doesn't seem to be an issue if I wish to renew the software; apparently spending money is ok, but actually getting things to work and download the software is a different story.

I too have clicked countless links, including one that loops me right back to the registration FAQ page - click on and the link in that article loops you over to which is where I started. The guided help is not remotely useful since it just runs me through what already didn't work. Now I'm turning to the forums to see if I can get this resolved. If anyone can give me some advice or point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it since my company frowns on crying at our desks and we're not allowed to drink alcohol during the day.

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Hi Tom,

Please send me your serial number in a private message and I'll investigate this.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

For anyone who happens to run across this - this is the best way to reach someone for assistance. And because I saw a post that is still out there that said something to the effect of "you guys suck" because they were too busy posting in the wrong forum (reading is hard, I know), I'll say this: thoroughly impressed with the fast response, excellent answers and lightning fast resolution. Absolutely amazed, and very grateful.

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