Intel Software Manager

Intel Software Manager

Yesterday I began getting a popup error each time I boot my computer and each time I enter Visual Studio 2010.  Ther error reads:

Intel Software Manager

Intel Software Manager cannot proceed FlexNet Connect COM object failed

I have run my microsoft antivirus, spybot, and done a system restore. None fixed the problem.

I have the error image but I can not see how to upload it.

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Intel Software Manager tries to connect to Intel over the Internet to find out if there are updates available, or if there are any urgent messages to bring to your attention.

Does this PC have Internet connectivity?  is it behind a firewall?  Or does your virus software somehow prevent unauthorized accesses to the Internet?

Would you consider just disabling Intel Software Manager to avoid the problem?  This would silence it, but would require you to manually search for updates.


Thank you for the reply.

Yes the computer (Windows XP) is connected to the internet and is behind a the Microsoft Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials.  I went to

Windows Firewall -> Exceptions and added Intel Software Manager

That did not solve the problem. 

I turned off the firewall and the antivirus and got the same popup when entering Visual Studio.

In my list of startup programs I am running ism2.exe.  When I run it manually I get the popup. I did a virus scan of the folder and found no problem.

If I disable ism2.exe in the start up will that disable it when I enter Visual Studio?

Since I have the same problem running manually how would I ever get updates?

Thank you for your support.

This error isn't related to network connectivity. You don't need to run Intel Software Manager, so you can disable it without issues. You'll then just need to go to the Intel Registration Center to download updates.

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I turned ism2.exe off i the startup but I still get the popup when I start Visual Studio 2010.  How do I turn it off there?  Would a reinstall of Visual Fortran help anything?

We see this show up if a system is set to a language other than US English. Is yours set that way, or could something have caused that to happen?

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Start -> control Panel -> Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options -> add other language

Regional Options set to "English (United States)"


Default shows 0409
InstallLanguage shows 0409

The fix for this required a change from the vendor of the license management software we use. We finally got that change and will include it in a future release.

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I inadvertently uninstalled the Intel Control Center software from my HP Pavilion g6 notebook PC, (Windows 7). and need to reinstall it.  What are the specifics for downloading the software?  Am I in the right "Zone" for asking this?

William Smith

I think you've come to the wrong forum - this forum is for Developer tools like math libraries, compilers, performance analyzers.  We do have something called Intel Software Manager (ISM) but I bet this is not what you're talking about.

I think you're talking about Intel Desktop Control Center?  That info may be found here:


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