Serial Number Providing Incorrect Unlock Code

Serial Number Providing Incorrect Unlock Code


I work at a company where we have a specific number of seats for our Visual Fortran XE Composer 2011 license.  I am trying to install and register this product using a serial number that someone else has had before me.  After going through the 5 step registration process, when I enter the unlock code I get the error message "repsonse entered is incorrect".  Could someone please provide some insight?  I tried 2 different serial numbers that have been used previously, so I think it's related to not wiping the previous owner's computer clean correctly.



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I think we have an issue with the unlock code generation tool.  We're investigating currently.

IF you urgently need to get systems up and running, you can download a .lic license file and manually install it on your systems:

once you have emailed yourself a copy of the license file (in an attachment), move that file to C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses\ folder (create if necessary).  Then proceed with the installation.  If the compiler is already installed, this will activate the product.

I will respond shortly once we've determined the problem with the unlock code activation.

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