need to transfer intel compiler license from dead machine to new one

need to transfer intel compiler license from dead machine to new one

Trying to transfer an Intel compiler license to new hardware (old computer is being retired).  Installer tells me the license code has expired.  Is it possible to transfer the software to the new computer? If so, how is this done?

(license file removed)

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Hi Jonathan,

Simply copy this license file to your new machine.  Then you should be able to install with it.  Please note, support expiration date of your license is 3/26/2010, so you can install Intel Fortran Compiler posted earlier than that date.  If you attempt to install a later compiler, installer will reject your serial number or license file.

Please remove your license file from this thread, for security reasons.

Thank you.
Feilong H.
Intel Developer Support

Tools Knowledge Base:

I copied the license file from the old machine to the new machine (different hostnames) : /opt/intel/licenses/l_396B5PXK.lic .

Is that the right location? if this is not the right location, what is the right location? How to test to make sure it's functioning?

thank you

PS, you mentions "this license file". What license file are you referring to? Also, you asked that I remove the license file from this thread. How is that done?

Hi Jonathan,

Yes.  That's the correct location.  You may invoke ifort and see if it works.

Literally, I meant to ask you to remove the content of your license file (l_396B5PXK.lic) in your original (first) message in this thread.  In case that you can't edit it or there is no Edit link on its top-right corner, please let me know.  I'll ask forum admin to do that for you.  "this license file" refer to the license you were using on your old machine, which is l_396B5PXK.lic.


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