Can't install Amplifier XE update 13

Can't install Amplifier XE update 13

I installed "Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013" for which we have a license. Problem is it contains an older version of the Amplifier component. Now I want to install update 13 (which appears in the Intel Software Manager, implying that I can install it). During install I choose "alternative activation" and "use a license manager", because we have floating licenses. When the installer asks for host and port and I press "Next", it shows a dialog box with "The license file provided is invalid".

So it seems I can't upgrade one of the components of the "Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013" suite, while it is clear that the Intel Software Manager implies that I can. Looks like a bug to me.

Any comments?

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    I have sent you an license file for your registered email-id :- . Could you please try the following :-

1. Save the *.lic file that you receive through email.

2. While installing at "Activation stage", could you try using "Choose Alternate Avtivation" --> "Activate using lic file" and then browse to the lic file that you saved in step1.

Please do let me know if this resolves the issue.


Sukruth H V

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