Can I use Virtual Machine as License Server?

Can I use Virtual Machine as License Server?

Can I use Virtual Machine(VMware ESXi ) as License Server for below softwares? Does VM have limitatins to be license server for these applications?

Intel C++ composer XE 2013 for windows

Intel C++ complier

Intel Parallel Buildig Blocks

Intel Integrated Performance primitives 7.1

Intel Math Kernel Library 11.0

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We do not test the Intel License Manager on Virtual Machines and we can't garantee the operation on such enviroments. However, in accordance with a feedback from customers and from my own expierience there is no fundamental restriction in running the Intel License Manager on a Virtual Machine. Note that it doesn't depepnd on the product. If it works - it works for all products, e.g. compiler, VTune Amplifier, etc.

If you encounter problems, send a detailled error report (preferable via Intel Premier Support, product: Download, Licensing and Registration).

Thanks, we will try to use VM as license server.

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