Intel Software Manager connection method

Intel Software Manager connection method

What is the connection method of Intel Software Manager to connect with Intel servers? Does it use anything like p2p or bit torrent to speed-up downloads? I'm asking because recently I've used Intel Software Manager to update my compilers and then got a warning from corporate security guys that my computer had p2p/bit torrents activity. So now I'm trying to figure out was it caused by Intel Software Manager or some other reason.

Thank you.  

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Hi Nikita,

I don't think that ISM uses p2p.  Please let me check with our internal team, before I give you a definite answer.


No, Intel Software Manager does not use peer-to-peer. When you download an Intel Software Development Product, the download is serviced, behind the scenes, by Akamai's Content Delivery Network, which moves copies of the file to "local" servers to speed up downloads. Intel Software Manager uses only one connection, though - it doesn't accelerate the download using multiple connections. As for the security warning, Intel Software Manager is exactly like clicking on the download link in Intel Registration Center - it is not p2p - so you'll need to keep looking.

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