Intel ipps-6.1.dll is missing error

Intel ipps-6.1.dll is missing error

Hello Sir,

              I am developing a product(Softphone) for voip calling so i am using pjsip But pjsip doesn't provide G729 codec so i download Intel IPP 6.1 trial version and built with pjsip and softphone source code by giving path of Intel IPP . And successfully i implement G729 codec. After that i make .exe and install it and  it's running successfully But when i install that same .exe on other system then i am getting error that ipps-6.1.dll is missing .

So please tell me this is redistribution error or other issue

if i purchase license version of Intel IPP then it will remove or not please tell us..

Waiting for your valuable response  

Thanks and Regards

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Hello Sir,

You may read the IPP license FAQ  and IPP License agreement for such information.

Basically, if you build your application based on IPP dynamic library ( ipps-6.1 is), then when you redistribute, you need distribute the dll wtih your exe together.  ( not sure what your mean "redistibute error or other" ,but i guess, you can take it as redistribute error )

If you own commecial license, generally, you can redistrubte/use the dlls  and upgrade the latest dll in supported year.  As the current IPP version is 8.0, I'm afraid ipp 6.1 is not supported.   So you may have two solutions.

1 try IPP 8.0. dll. If it can work, then use v8 dll.

2. if 8.0 dll don't works, you may apply IPP 6.1 dll from individually.  (it should be in IPP download list, don't be removed at least recently).

and IPP support several link mode, like static link and dynamic, custom dll etc.  You can choose other link ways.

Hope it helps


Hello Sir,

             Thanks for your reply.....I am using both liberary for my product as i am using static library of pjsip and i am using dll for Intel IPP please clear my below issue ..

Please tell me it is necessary to install Intel IPP software at end user system for remove IPP dll type error (as - no dlls found in the waterfall procedure) or we can do other option without install ipp software at end user.


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