customer with permanent Intel Compiler license but expired support: completely stuck!

customer with permanent Intel Compiler license but expired support: completely stuck!

Dear colleagues in INTeL software support - especially in Licensing,

posting here is my last resort after days of fighting for any contact address or phone number outside of (, so please bear with my anger.

Some time ago, we have acquired a permanent license for the Intel Compiler Suite for Linux, whose support period has expired in the meantime.
Currently, we just need a very small, simple, "adjacent" piece of software to download: the  'INTEL'  vendor daemon binary for the FlexLM license manager for Linux, most likely contained in the "Intel Software License Manager" package...

Though we still can log into your welcome|registrationcenter|premier sites at using our login id, we're completely stuck, because all these resources simply suppress any interaction with INTeL unless you have a non-expired support.

The's product details page forbids to download anything. Due to the (formally correct) status of "support period expired", not even that supporting "Intel® Software License Manager" can be downloaded! Though this piece of software is rather an obstacle for the fair customer than any new feature of a compiler (worth preventing to download), the expired support period causes also this "digital restrictions management" software to be blocked for download.

Trying to open a ticket for that problem, I'm stuck as well at, because - you guess it - tickets can't be opened unless I have a valid product in my list. No search for "license" or "flexlm" or even "intel" brought up a product I could open a ticket on, perhaps because also this system thinks we don't have any product - but in fact we have!

So even having a permanent license, we're stuck because all your nailed-up systems think otherwise or don't allow any non-product-related feedback or tickets to be issued.

Furthermore, there are almost no phone numbers listed on any of the above sites. From Germany, we had to call your american customer support for hardware to find out the german phone number for hardware support. Both have consistently and regretfully admitted that there is no phone number nor eMail address for software support.

All in all, this prohibition of contacting Intel software/licensing support and the inability to imagine non-standard support cases, this unavailability of software support by phone or eMail and the inability to open tickets for any and all kind of requests unless the customer purchases anew, is ill-befitting for a global company trying to sell professional software.
Next time, we'll consider The Portland Group (NVidia)...

So how could we get that binary of the 'INTEL' vendor daemon for Linux, then?!

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Dear customer,

You are supposed to download our software products at Intel Registration Center web site.  I'm sorry that it is not straight forward enough for users to find out products with expired support.  In order to see them, please check the "Show Expired Registration" box (after logging into  See the attached screenshot.  Then you will see all products you've purchased.  Hope this helps.

And yes, you can only report problems/issues in this forum after your support is expired.  Premier support requires a current support subscription.



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Dear Feilong,

thanks for this hint - but of course I already had discovered that checkbox and could see my "expired" products list - that was not my problem!

Did you try yourself to download anything by clicking on any such "expired" product? Though you can click their "Download Latest Update" links, any of them just leads to the red message "The support period for your license has expired. To download this product update, you will need to purchase renewal licenses to extend your support from your expiration date (01 Apr 2012) to the build date of this product update (14 Sep 2013). Note that support for new renewal licenses will begin on 01 Apr 2012." And that way, even the license manager package is blocked for download.

That is the problem. In fact it was - in the meantime, I got a download link by private message (many thanks to the sender!) and could successfully download the Intel LicMgr for Linux.

So in fact, it's always worth contacting community support - thanks to everyone!

Dear customer,

I'm glad to hear that the download links I sent via private message work for you.

I tried a moment ago.  See the attached screenshot.  With an expired floating license, I can still see the License Manager download link.  When I clicked "Download Latest Update" link, I was led to the download page (on the bottom of the attached screenshot).  Yes, there is a red message.  That's because my license is expired and I'm not entitle to download the latest update.  However, I can download older versions/updates by selecting in the Version and Update listbox.



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