Installing IMSL: From LMK

Installing IMSL: From LMK

  After installing the product: Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 for Windows* with IMSL*, Version 2013.1.1.139,

I start one of my programs and obtain the next message:

#5102: Cannot open include file 'link_fnl_shared.h'

#7002: Error in opening the compiled module file.  Check INCLUDE paths.   [NUMERICAL_LIBRARIES]

warning PRJ0018 : The following environment variables were not found: $(FNL_DIR)

The applied includes are:




And the libraries:


I work in Quick_win Apll (graphics mode)

Why the program do not recognizance the IMSL LIB?




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The IMSL install is a separate download. You should be able to find it at the Intel Registration Center alongside the Composer XE download.

Retired 12/31/2016


I download:

Intel Visual Fortran;version 3013 SP1

In the packet there are no option 'Customize' as in Old Compaq FORTRAN to include IMSL.

When I start to download: 

•    w_cprofimsl_p_11.1.xxx_ia32.exe - for building applications that run on IA-32
•    w_cprofimsl_p_11.1.xxx_intel64.exe - for building applications that run on Intel® 64 (x64)

the Registration center do not permit  a separate download? Why? 



You should not be downloading that old IMSL.  What you want is w_fcompxe_imsl_2013_sp1.0.003.exe  This is on the same page as the compiler download at the Intel Registration Center.

Even CVF had a separate install (on a separate CD) for IMSL. It was not part of the regular install.

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Really, I wont w_fcompxe_imsl_2013_sp1.0.003.exe, But Registration center do not permit me to reach this file.   

In addition, twice, right way after the correspondence with the Reg. center  in my I mail appear a suggestion to by this product from Doctoc. com!

I pay to for  Intel Composer XE sp1 +IMSL. Is there some problems with your security? Or there are other problems?



I don't see anything in your registration that would prevent you from seeing the correct file. Your license looks good to me. I am going to move this thread over to the Download, Registration and Licensing forum section where the experts there can help you get the download.

I don't know of any connection with a, but if you had earlier asked for an evaluation license that could provide selected resellers with your contact info. That particular reseller I am not familiar with.

Retired 12/31/2016

Thank you for the support Steve,

I will wait to obtain message from the Reg. center.

Best regards


I will send you private email with some suggestions.

As Steve said, your license appears OK, you should be able to download IMSL.


Thank you Ron,

I will wait


I have sent you 2 messages.  Check your Messages.



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