Does Non-Commercial Software Development version of Intel C++ Composer XE for Linux use a license file

Does Non-Commercial Software Development version of Intel C++ Composer XE for Linux use a license file


Yesterday I registered with Intel as a user and for the free Non-Commercial Software Developent version of the Intel C++ Composer XE for Linux product.  Does this version of the product require a license file?

I would like to install this on my Gentoo system.  No license file was attached to the registration email nor can I find a link on or below the My Intel Software Development Products page. I did get a serial number for the product. When I try to register the serial number, an indication that it is already registered appears, but no links for managing the product or the license appears.  I've found documentation about what should happen with products that are paid for and with products that are licensed for evaluation purposes, but nothing that explicity says how licensing should work for free products.

The email I received provided a serial number and referred to a page that let the product be downloaded.  But I didn't download the whole product.  The small download script I ran reported it could not proceed because my system was not based on RPMs.  Finding a Gentoo package named dev-lang/icc that looked promising, I used that instead.  The emerge wouldn't proceed until a license file was found, so I created one using the serial number as part of the name, but of course I didn't know what the contents of the file should be.  So the emerge download succeeded to pull down the 3.2 GB but, not surprisingly, the executables abort when no valid license file can be found. 

So, should there be a license file that goes along with my free version of the product?  Or do I have to find another way to get the free version, which perhaps doesn't use license files, downloaded and unpacked in my non-RPM system? 


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To close this out.  My question has been answered.

The large tarball comes with its own install shell script. This script did in fact let me install, using just the serial number.  It created a license file as part of the install.

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