Help!! I can't finish Premier Support account registration.

Help!! I can't finish Premier Support account registration.

Dear all,


Please check the progress of my Premier Support account verification.

The problem is I can't complete Premier Support account registration by "Account verification incomplete".

16 hours have passed after I got a mail written the activation URL from Intel Registration Center.

Thank you for your cooperation.




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Dear Customer,

I'll check your account problems and do my best to solve it soon.

Regards, Hubert.

Dear Customer,

I've reset your account and changed company name and your first/last names due to a character encoding conflicts. Please try if you can login to:

Let me know any problems by replying to me via "Send Author A Message" (to protect confidential data).

Regards, Hubert

Hi Hubert,


Thank you for your response.

I have logged in to each pages.


Regards, C.T.

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