Ssl issues trying to download

Ssl issues trying to download

I need help to download my evaluation software.

I can get in on my iphone via https, but not download from there.

the site is not optimized (doesn't work well) for iphones anyway,

intel should improve that.  Anyway, I can't create a support ticket via the one way I can get in.

both my linux system and my chromebook complain about a https redirect,

i don't know if i'm compromised or if intel or comcast (my isp) doing something wrong,

or if chrome is being too picky, or intel is not using ssl correctly, etc.

if intel is listening, please have a web knowledgeable person contact me to help.

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what browser are you using on Linux - Firefox?  with Firefox, I need to see the exact message you are seeing.

Chrome should be OK too.

I am checking with the registration center people to see if they know of any issues with the eval downloads.


This is chrome in both cases, trying the link that imtel sends to download via

it's dramatic, the https is crossed out in the url and I get a

big notice,

"cannot connect to the real"

smaller type:

something is currently interfering with your secure connection to"

similar issues: trying

gets me a page saying

"this is probably not the site you are looking for"

and saying instead of

i reached a server identifying itself as

i don't know a lot about net protocols,

but hopefully there's a secure way to do offloads of traffic to akamai or whatever that the browser can recognize as legit and secure.



Can you contact me directly?  The site issue should get resoved somehow, but my real issue is that I need update 12 or later of vtune to evaluate under fedora 19.  Maybe there's some other way to ship that to me.  I would create a support ticket if I could!

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