What Software License Do I have

What Software License Do I have

I have just taken over a software deveopment project for my company. We have a licensed copy of Intel FORTRAN, but I don't know what type of license it is. The person who originally purchased the product has since left the company so I have no one to ask. When I log in to software.intel.com, there are no licenses listed but when I try to add the license code I have, it says it is already registered.

I need to know if the software license allows me to install the product on other PCs as well as the desktop it is on.



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Please let me know your license code by replying via "Send Author A Message" (to protect confidential data).

Thanks, Hubert.

I have a very similar problem. The registration site says the serial number is already registered, but the product does not appear on my list. All I am trying to do is download the original version of the complier so I can complete a rebuild of my computer.


Please let me know your serial number (reply via "Send Author A Message") so that I can transfer it to you.


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