License for installing dev-libs/intel-common on Gentoo

License for installing dev-libs/intel-common on Gentoo

Hi Support,

I'm installing icc/ifc with portage on Gentoo, but the two packages require the dev-libs/intel-common installed. I can find the licenses for icc/ifc/mkl on the website, because there ARE relevant products listed on the site . But I cannot find what product I should register to get the license for dev-libs/intel-common. The installing would not move on without that license. So could you give any suggest? Thank you.

btw, I saw the post , the package dev-libs/intel-common is mentioned there, but I cannot find the product relevant to that package.

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Intel compilers do not support installation via Portage.  Use the install script for installation.

Also, if you have the combined 32/64 bit package (the default download) make sure your Gentoo installation has all of the 32bit development tools, headers, libraries otherwise the Intel installer may not work.  To test this, get a hello_world.c and compile in 32bit mode with gcc:

gcc -m32 -o hello hello_world.c

run it

make sure it's a 32bit binary:   file ./hello

IF you don't know how to set up Gentoo for 32bit development, then download the l_*_intel64.tgz 64bit only package and install just the 64bit components.

Gentoo is not an officially supported distro, though many users apparently have figure out how to get it working.


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