Reinstalling C++ Studio, Lincese Expired? Help

Reinstalling C++ Studio, Lincese Expired? Help

We purchased Intel C++ Studio XE a while back.  I am trying to transfer the software to a new machine and need to activate the software using your offline activation method at this website:

When I enter in my "Activation Code" in order to generate an "Unlock Code", I get a message saying "License is Expired".  I called Intel Tech Support but they told me they cannot help me with this.  Can someone from Intel please contact me so that I can get this licensing squared away so I can use the software again?  Thanks.


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Can someone from Intel please help me with this soon?  Thanks.

Sorry for the delay, I'll have a look at the problem soon.

Regards, Hubert.

Thank you very much!

Remote activation services are not supported for expired licenses. So you need to use the license file. Please let me know your serial number (pls. reply via "Send Author A Message" to protect confidential data).


I just sent you a PM with that information.

But, i don't understand if your licence expired then you should make it valid.

License expiration means that your support is expired and you can't download latest updates. You can still use the product with expired license and download all updates released before the expiration date.

I guess that the offline activation does not work if your license is expired which honestly does not make any sense.  A customer should not have to stumble upon a support forum to ask for help then wait for an Intel employee to respond a few days later.  There should be a simple phone number or web support form for help, both of which are not offered for this software.

Actually, web support is offered via

There should a simple place for people with expired support to get support.  Just because support is expired does not mean that one should not be able to activate a rightfully an owned license.

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