Registration at Premier Support Incomplete

Registration at Premier Support Incomplete

I received a serial number for Intel C++ Studio for Windows for use with an Intel SDP laptop. I registered this number and was able to download and install the software, and received the license file through E-mail. The software works fine, but the registration at Intel Premier remains incomplete:

We appreciate your Intel product registration. There is a delay for the final configuration of your support account. Please wait approximately 1 hour and click here to complete the configuration.

I have edited out the link attached to the text "here" in the E-mail message since it contains the serial number. The actual URL of the link, with the serial number and personal information replaced by dummy strings, is:

I have tried clicking on the link several times since yesterday, but that has taken me to a general Intel support web page.

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Please let me know the serial number by replying via "Send Author A Message". This will be a private message only visible to me.

Regards, Hubert

[sent serial number by private message; I regained access subsequently] Thanks, Hubert. I have access to Premier Support again.

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