I have a serial number. How do I get a license file?

I have a serial number. How do I get a license file?

I am on archlinux and installed Intel C++ Studio XE 2013 using a pkgbuild in AUR. It seems to have installed fine because I can run vtune, but after an analysis finishes it says License check failed. I have a serial number, but when I go to the registration center it says my serial number has already been activated. I downloaded the free version for students.

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Hi Seshu,

                Please follow this article http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/how-do-i-manage-my-licenses to obtain the license file, especially the 5th point describes as how to get the license file.


Sukruth H V

When I get to the subscription history page all it has are links for downloading the installer files for the individual tools. I do not see the different columns it says I am supposed to see in step 3 of the page you linked. Anyway, I have uninstalled the studio and decided to use other tools for profiling. Thank you for the help.

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