Intel Fortran Compiler

Intel Fortran Compiler

We purchased Intel Fortran Compiler a while back.  I am trying to transfer the software to a new machine and need to activate the software using your offline activation method at this website:

When I enter in my "Activation Code" in order to generate an "Unlock Code", I get a message saying "License is Expired".  I called Intel Tech Support but they told me they cannot help me with this.  Can someone from Intel please contact me so that I can get this licensing squared away so I can use the software again?  Thanks.

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Hello Gary,

Please send me your serial number in a private message to me ,i'd like to have a check for you.


Thank you.
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Hi, Qiaomin,

I had exactly the same problem for re-installing my IVF Studio XE 2013, and your help would be much appreciated.



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