How to download the full installer with visual studio shell

How to download the full installer with visual studio shell


I have recently (February 26, 2014) registered for an evaluation version of Parallel Studio XE for Windows. On the download page on my account I now get a webform with the following options:

  • Full Offline Installer Package (there is an option to use a Download Manager here)
  • Online Installer

When I click for the offline installer package I get a link to download the package


Judging by the name of the package I guess that it does not contain the partner edition Visual Studio shell.

The checksum page suggests that there is a separate package available that also includes the Visual Studio shell.


However I cannot find a way to download this package. Is it possible to download the package that contains Visual Studio shell?

I had been using Intel Software development products for a long time yet returning to downloads and licensing now I find it very confusing.

Thank you.


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As of the time when I heard the story first hand, Visual Studio Shell installers aren't available as evaluations, as Microsoft doesn't permit it without the full purchase fee, which would exhorbitant for a short term trial, when Microsoft will allow you a longer free trial of the full Visual Studio (any currently maintained version). You should be able to find explanations of this on the Windows Fortran forum, but you raise a good point, that the evaluation page should explain why only the version without it is available.  This shell is of no use for C/C++ in any case, where you would need the trial VS from Microsoft if you don't already have it.

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