Product Update

Product Update

We are using Intel Composer XE 11.1 with icc version as 11.1 20090511

I want to install available updates for my current license.

This current version has issue for example as discussed below.

One of the cluster user is getting following error while building source of milcv7.7.8 code.

com_mpi.o: In function initialize_machine': ../generic/com_mpi.c:(.text+0xb447): undefined reference to_mm_idivrem_epi32'

after going through the Intel forum I have found that this issue is fixed in subsequent updates (DPD200142326) according to document ..

I want to know
if I can install those or any available updates with my current licence?

If yes then what are the steps I need to follow and where are these updates?

If I update will my current software stack be affected?

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I'll check your license status and whether you are eligible to download the required update.

Regards, Hubert.

Your support subscription allows you to download the latest icc 11.1 version (11.1 Update 9, package id: 11.1.080, build number:  20101201). So it seems 11.1.80 would cover the fix (although I cannot clearly identify which defect fix you are referring too).

Please login to the Intel(R) Registration Center, choose product Intel(R) Composer XE for Linux, click on the download link, select 11.1 from the drop-down menu and download the 11.1 Update 9 package.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Hubert.

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