Transfer a node-locked license to a different machine

Transfer a node-locked license to a different machine

How to transfer a Composer XE for Linux node-locked license to another machine. We like to migrate to a faster machine for development. Thanks

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Intel no longer support node lock licenses.  Only floating license and single name user license are supported.

Single name user license - Assigned to a specific name users and cannot be share with other users.

Floating license - number of users depend on the number of floating seats purchased.



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I don't see a node-locked license under your registrations. Perhaps you are talking about a named license (formerly known as single-user license). In case of a named license you can just move the license file to another computer and install the product there or use the serial number for product activation (requires active internet connection). But make sure that this license is not being shared with other users.

Regards, Hubert.

Sure Hubert. Thanks for the note.

From the registration mail, it was not clear whether the license is node-locked or named license. I managed to install the software on the new machine. Thanks for the support.


   Good afternoon,

   My problem is similar to Sundar's in that we have a Visual Fortran Compiler Pro Edition for Windows license that I believe was node-locked.  It has the HOSTID inside the license file.  The workstation it is loaded on is being replaced and I need to move it over to a new machine.  How do I go about doing this ? 

   Also, if you look at my account you'll see 2 compilers available, 1 is expired, the other is still active.  Do I have to reinstate the expired compiler by paying the back maintenance or would it be simpler to buy a new seat ?   I'm not sure what expired means in this case - is it related to the support of compiler ?  The compiler itself should continue to run ?  It is permanent - correct ?


         Steve Stevenson


Yes, commercial licenses are permanent in runtime. Only support may have expired. I'll check your registrations.

Regards, Hubert


Yes, you have 1 expired (>2 years ago) and 2 active license (will expire Sep 2014). Both are permanent in runtime and named (formerly single-user) licenses so no need to modify license information. The entry HOSTID is not relevant for named user licenses. So you can install the compiler on any other machine using the serial number (the active one) for remote activation or just move the license file form the old to the new machine.

If you want to have 2 active (support-wise) licenses you need to buy a new license as a replacement for your expired license. Since your expired license is too old, support cannot be renewed.

Does this help?


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