Request to Extend Intel Inspector XE 3013 Evaluation Period

Request to Extend Intel Inspector XE 3013 Evaluation Period


I was wondering if it would be possible to have my trial license for Intel Inspector XE 2013 extended for a bit, perhaps a week, to further evaluate the product. When I originally downloaded the trial, our company was in the midst of a crunch for a release and I was unable to allot a sufficient amount of time to evaluate your software against various other memory profilers. Additional evaluation time would be greatly appreciated so that I may conduct an appropriate evaluation.


Thank you.

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Hello Justyn,

I have extended two weeks for your convenience ,please let me know if this works for you.


Thank you.
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Unfortunately, the extension doesn't seem to be working. When I run the software, it states that the "Inspector license check failed". Also, when I went to the "Download and install evaluation" page in the email I received, it says that the trial expired today.


I'll extend it for you.


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