Intel Software Mananger Error

Intel Software Mananger Error

After some trouble of blue screen with my PC(Win. 7 Prof. Korean) during windows updates,

Intel Software Manager(ISM) does not work saying 

"Intel software manager has stopped working..." (there was no trouble before yesterday)

when my computer start.


I turned off Intel Software Manger from start prog, but still have errror messanges

whenever I launch Visual Studio 2010 and when I launch ISM manually.  

(It seems that some people have similar problem, but I can't find answer.

Even after removing all the package and re-install I've got the same error message)


Is there any way ?

(a) to turn off ISM all the time


(b) to re-install olny ISM to run properly





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Hi Jae,

Please read this article:

It should solve the problem you reported.


Hi! Feilong H, Thaks a lot! 

Now it works fine following the article you mentioned:

(Now I understnad the reason; broken(?) configuration files of ISM)

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