Requesting assistance licensing product

Requesting assistance licensing product

To whom this may concern,

Within the past 2 days, my HP workstation had to be rebuilt due to a hard drive failure,

When I attempt to register the Intel C++ Studio XE product, I receive a "Activation rights do not allow this software to be installed. This could be due to expired subscription or incompatible serial number."

Who can assist me with this?

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If you have the serial number or your support account credentials, you should be able to log in at and have a license file emailed to you. That should enable you to reinstall a past licensed version which is no longer eligible for on-line license check.  Otherwise, you would need to wait for assistance here from Intel personnel.

I tried the recommended action prescribed above and I received the following error message: "The license file provided is invalid".

Please advise.


Maybe the license you used is corrupt or is not the right one for C++ Studio XE installation. Please let me know the serial number (reply using the "Send Author A Message" link.

Regards, Hubert.

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