Using old Intel Libraries with a Community License

Using old Intel Libraries with a Community License

I'm aware that users cannot download old library versions with a Community License; however, if the Community License user has access to an old version, which was originally downloaded under a named-user/floating commercial license owned by the user's employer, is it permissible for the Community License user to use the older library version?

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The user should be able to use it under 


under a named-user/floating commercial license owned by the user's employer

However, the license needs to be registered to that user if it's a named user license. License itself doesn't expire, only Support does. Support entitles you to current product updates among other things. 

End User License Agreement link:

I can further check the license for you. Please email me the SN via "Send Author a Message" link.

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I understand that the user in question would be licensed to use the old library under the employer's license, but my question was predicated on the unstated assumption that other employees would be using the employer's license.  I should have been more clear.  As an example:

  • The employer has a 5-seat floating license supporting a team of 5 developers.  If a sixth developer, who obtained a Community License more recently, needed to access the old library for the same or different project, would the sixth developer be permitted to obtain a copy of the old library from the team using the floating license? 

In this example, the Community License user would be gaining access to a library that was not available for download under the Community License itself.

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