A learnig tool, Itanium kernel and hw/sw- interface

A learnig tool, Itanium kernel and hw/sw- interface

Hi, some years ago I developed a code and updated it now with a simplified demand paging and fork system call..

My homepage description: Intel's Itanium Systems Architecture and System Programmer's guide has 676 pages and about 30 lines of example code (one line/20 pages). My code can be seen as a manual extension: about 1500 code lines makes 2 lines/ manual page. It is by no means a full scale operating system but a learning tool.

Key words: kernel, tutorial, Itanium, ia64, HW/SW- interface, system call (API), conext switch, pre-emptive, semaphore, message, shared memory, virtual memory, TLB- translations, backing storage, RSE, demand paging, epc, test task.

The code is free and introduced on my domain: www.isosika.net. The code and documentation is downloadable as tar/gz. Linux, cross gcc, binutils and ski-simulator are needed for development. Some use? I don't know, do you?

Have a fun; Tuomo Kortesamaa


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