Compiler for itanium

Compiler for itanium


I'll start some tests soon with a cluster based on itanium machines and would like to know if there is the need of some specific fortran compiler or if the Composer 2013 for Linux can compile and link applications for Itanium.

I appreciate your help :)

Eduardo Jauch

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You should use a compiler which generates IA64 native code.  A license for the current linux compiler would permit you to register and download such a compiler.

Looking on, current IA64 linux  compiler version appears to be 11.1 update 9 build June 2011.

You have the option of building current gfortran for ia64 target.

Hello Tim,

Currently we are in process of renew a license for Visual Fortran Composer for Windows, and I have a non-commercial license for the Parallel Studio XE 2013 for Linux.

On the last one the ia64 compiler do not appears as a possible download. Maybe because of the non-commercial characteristic.

The first one probably will not be purchased in time to our tests. We have only a month to do this and the burocracy to purchase anything inside a public University is unbelivable. Anyway, because it is a Windows license, I assume it will not be elegible to download the ia64 compiler.

So, we'll have to use another compiler for the tests. We had this hope on Intel because we use it as our "official" compiler and it works. Change to another compiler, on big projects, usually give some headache...

I think we will try the Open64 instead of the gFortran, because some time ago we did some tests and was easier to compile and so on with the first one. But probably we will test both.

Thanks for the help :)


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