SGX extensions

SGX extensions



With the new SGX extensions available in the new Skylake based CPU's (6700K and 6600K) I was wondering if Intel is ready to release more information about these technologies. Specifically:


1) Is there any plans for an emulator that can be used to emulate these technologies?

2) SGX in the currently available form only enables intra-platform attestation, not attestation outside. In order to get attestation to the outside, a setup involving a quoting enclave based on Intel's EPID scheme is used, according to several Intel-authored white papers. The quoting enclave will have access to a special key in the CPU which it can then use to obtain the EPID credentials. When will this quoting enclave and the supporting infrastructure be made available?


Thank you in advance.

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The SGX software stack that makes use of the SGX instruction set, and includes the Quoting Enclave, is being made available on a licensed basis to developers looking to bring products to the market for SKL platforms.

SGX Program Architect

Hello Simon,

Thanks for the reply.

What options do I as a developer have if I want to evaluate the SGX software stack? How do I apply for a license, and what hardware can it run on? Does Intel recommend any specific developer board or hardware platform?


Hello Simon,

I'd like to know more about the SGX software stack license (If there's a page for this SDK, please let me know).



is it possible to give some additional information about the licensing model and how to apply for such a license? The hardware is on the market so it would be great if software developers can start to build software with the SGX.

Thank you in advance


I'd also like to know more about the SGX SW stack, the tools required and the licencing model.  Could you share this information with me?


Best Reply

Currently the evaluation SDK allows the developer to create and run enclaves using the Debug and Pre-release profiles. Enclaves compiled under the Release profile will not work until the developer completes the production licensing process. If you would like to deliver a production-quality application using SGX, please contact the SGX Program <> for more information about a production license.

- Surenthar Selvaraj

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