Intel SGX SDK under Windows 10 threshold 2

Intel SGX SDK under Windows 10 threshold 2

Hi all,


I built and ran the sample code of the SDK under Windows 10 threshold 2.

However, it doesn't work. The sample program is suspended.

So, I saw the device manager and could't find "Software Guard Extensions device".

The sgx_driver.sys file also doesn't exist in the system32\drivers folder.

Moreover,  the Intel SGX AESM service stopped and I could not restart it due to an unexpected error.


So, I guess that MS provides the SGX Windows API (e.g., CreateEnclave) from the Windows 10 threshold 2, so that Windows automatically uninstalls the Intel SGX service and driver during the threshold 2 update.


I would like to know if the Intel SGX SDK can use under Windows 10 threshold 2

and how I can load a SGX enclave with *Windows API*, not Intel SGX SDK.




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Pre- Windows Update 2, the SGX Ring0 Instructions were implemented using the SGX Driver included in the SGX PSW and was installed as a registered ACPI device.

Windows 10 Update 2 introduced SGX OS APIs which replaced the functionality provided by the SGX Driver (the SGX ACPI device is suppressed as well). The SGX Runtime System detects the underlying OS and leverages the SGX Driver if pre-Win10 Update 2, or not.

When a Windows OS is updated to WIn10 update 2, a reboot is required to restart to properly leverage the new OS API support.

If this does not work and if Windows Update 2 was installed after SGX SDK, you want to remove the SGX SDK and restart the install.

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