No Platform Services in Intel S1200SP Motherboard

No Platform Services in Intel S1200SP Motherboard

 I have the latest versions of the SGX, PSW, and ME installed on Windows Server 2016 . 


 vendor   Intel Corporation
 version   S1200SP.86B.03.01.0014.022720170201
 date   02/27/2017
 ROM size  16384 KB


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I think S1200SP has SGX support. Please refer this link it shows that S1200SP  supports SGX.

And how to use SGX is given in the below link


The enclave is enabled but I don't have trusted time or monotonic counter support. 


Please install the intel ME engine to get the  trusted time or monotonic counter support.

Download the ME form this link


- Surenthar Selvaraj

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