Trusted Platform Service Functions need network connection?

Trusted Platform Service Functions need network connection?


In SGX Developer reference, it mentions "To run these functions in the hardware mode, you need to access to Internet. Configure the system network proxy settings if needed." I build the enclave into debug mode or prerelease mode, both can work without internet connection.

Can you confirm it really enforce to use network connection? if yes, it means SGX can't support offline mode, right?

If it needs network connection? which url and port are used for intel trusted platform service?





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If you run the SGX Functional Validation Tool on Windows, it shows you why some of the functions that it needs internet connection.

If you don't plan to work with EPID key provisioning and remote attestation, your application should be working fine in offline mode.

The proxy setting for your application will be same as the browser's. It is the standard HTTPS protocol.


SGXFunctionalValidationTool.exe /?

Intel(R) Software Guard Extensions Functional Validation Tool Version

Usage: SGXFunctionalValidationTool.exe [OPTION]

Example: SGXFunctionalValidationTool.exe /l

  /l                  - log output to the file "SgxFunctionalValidationToolOutput.txt" instead of the screen.
  /v                  - verbose output
  /svn filename       - read SVN test values from "filename"
  /prov_epid          - tries to EPID provision the platform.  (Internet/network connectivity required)
  /prov_pse           - tries to provision the PSE.  (Also EPID provisions the platform.  Internet/network connectivity required)
  /skip_data_wipe     - Skips deletion of the SGX data (provision data blobs, etc.) from the SGX "ProgramData" folder
  /final_keystroke    - requires enter to be pressed before exiting the program (for backward compatibility)
  /skip_power_tests   - skips all power S-state tests (S3, S4 and S5 tests)
  /skip_s3            - skip S3 test
  /skip_s4            - skip S4 test
  /skip_s5_reboot     - skip S5 reboot test
  /skip_s5_shutdown   - skip S5 shutdown test
  /be                 - if EPID provisioning fails with SGX_ERROR_UNEXPECTED, will switch backend servers (prod or pre-prod)
  /?                  - show command help
  /h                  - show command help
  /help               - show command help



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