SGX and blockchain------any solution to hacked mining?

SGX and blockchain------any solution to hacked mining?

        Recently I'm designing a kind of blockchain with the support of SGX. And we know as the Bitcoin getting widely popular, some hackers use their “Spoils” to mine bitcoins. Sometimes their mining programs are really annoying. Then here comes the question: is there any solution provided by SGX that can give a hand? 

        Usually if you want to change the structure of the bitcoin(or other blockchain based system), hacker's program can always imitate the normal client. I've tried to design a bland new consensus mechanism to solve it, but failed. It seems that there's no effective method. I sincerely hope that someone could point out I'm wrong. So, am I wrong? I'd like to listen to your opinions carefully.

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Have you taken a look at this open source blockchain project?

Its Proof of Elapse Time (PoET) Specification mentioned SGX implementation

Since it is an open source project, you can download the latest implementation and see whether it is relevant to your work or not


Hoang Nguyen (Intel)

Thank you very much for your answer! I'm learning hyperledger sawtooth recently and this blockchain framwork comes up with a new consensus protocol: PoET. This is really an effective consensus strategy. I'll study it in more depth to see if it can solve my problem. Thanks again for your  recommendation!

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