Please Help For compilation problem with SampleEnclave

Please Help For compilation problem with SampleEnclave

I have installed vs2015 update 3 with SDK 10 and Intel System studio

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Your error information is hard to see. Can you upload a clear  picture or give us your error information in text.




If I read it correctly it says the floating point value does not fit in floating point type.

The supported compiler according to the release notes is

  Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Windows* Version 2016 Update 3

You can also try building the project using the Visual Studio 2015 compiler.

I am not familiar enough with Intel System Studio to understand why there is that mismatch in floating point size. I would check compiler options to see what the size each component thinks should be.

Sorry belated reply.

The error message as following: 

This is a well known issue and it is because the SampleEnclave's project setting is configured to use the Intel C++ Compiler by default. Please either install Intel C++ compiler or change the project setting to use Visual Studio C++ Compiler. Please see attachment for an example on how to change the setting.


Downloadimage/jpeg vc2015projectsetting.jpg220.98 KB

I have created a YouTube video for creating and compiling SGX application on the VS2015 from scratch. I have used Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 along with SGX SDK 1.7 in the Video. Attached is the source codes that  I have used in the video. I hope it helps.


Downloadapplication/zip HelloEnclaveSourceFiles.zip1.57 KB

Thanks Saeid , you are so helpful.

By the way, I have already deal with it by using vs compiler instead intel compiler.


Thanks all~

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