Screen rotate with Atom Tunnel Creek

Screen rotate with Atom Tunnel Creek

We're developing a new product based on TunnelCreek.
We use VxWorks 6.9.2, and graphics libraries WindML 5.3

One of the goals is to provide screen rotation (vertical display).

In the past, with other products and older VxWorks, we used both the following solutions (2 different products):

- to draw in a shadow buffer and to copy the image on frame buffer using a GPU accelerated BITBLT (with rotation)

- when no accelerated BITBLT was available, we drew to a shadow buffer and accomplished the rotation to the frame buffer using GPU 3D instructions

For this Atom processor I'm not able to found any accelerated BITBLT instructions nor 3D documentation.
Unfortunately even inside XORG source files nothing is present for this CPU. In fact, screen rotation doesn't work with Linux.

By the way, I'm sure it can be done as with Windows 7 this CPU allows to rotate screen (the driver supports it).

So I'm wondering:

- It's possible to rotate the screen in a easy way using TunnelCreek?

- Where can I find the related information?

- Is there some information about accelerated BITBLT instructions (with rotation)?

- Or: someone can tell me how it has been done in Windows 7?

- Or: it's possible to have a look at Windows 7 video driver source file?

- Or: where can I get 3D instructions datasheet?

Please help me as the screen rotation is mandatory for our product.

Thanks in advance,

Romano Signorelli

Gefran s.p.a.


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Dear Romano,

let me check with the hardware business unit that owns the Intel Atom Processor E6xx on how image rotation is commonly handled. I may end up pointing you a reference on

I'll also see whether Wind River can provide some input as well.

I'll let you know what I find out.

Thanks, Rob

Hi Romano,

I escalated your question to Wind River. They have done some work on this issue. Someone the WR TAM and the WR support organization will contact you.

If you would like to be proactive you can also go ahead and submit a TSR with your Wind River account.

Thanks, Rob

Dear Rob,I'm not sure this is a good idea.I already contacted WindRiver Italy local support and submitted the problem 2 months ago.They weren't able to give me any useful information.
Someone (I think someone at Intel) already solved the problem. Why reinventing the wheel?
Can you get me in touch with Windows Driver programmer's?We already have a very high NDA signed with Intel and I think we can share code in an easy way (even signing a new one won't be a problem).
Best regards,Romano

Hi Romano,

sorry, I wasn't aware of the previous history. I sent another email to my contacts in the business unit that owns the Intel Atom Processor E6xx.

Let me check what can be done in addition to the ongoing Wind River escalation.

Thanks, Rob

Hello,any news?Thanks,Romano

Hi Romano,

hmm - I haven't heard back on my last request. Let me ping my contacts in the business unit owning the Intel Atom Processor E6xxagain.

Sorry for the delay.


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