License Not found on vtune performance analyzer

License Not found on vtune performance analyzer


I am using 30 day evaluation version and running it on Ubuntu with Linux kernel 2.6.35.
I could get sampliing data using "sep" command and see the result using GUI ("vtlec")

But when I tried "call graph" either using "vtl" command or GUI (vtlec), I got the following error.

A license for VTune Performance Analyzer 9.1 for Linux* was not found. Please try recopying your license file to the directory pointed by INTEL_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, usually it is /opt/intel/licenses. If this condition persists, please contact Customer Support at
I have license file in /opt/intel/licenses.

Should I actually purchase the product to use call graph analysis?


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the usage model for the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 9.1 (or if you install the Performance Analyzer Update of the latest package the Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2011 Update 2) is such that it is intended for SEP based sampling on the remote target device and analysis on the development host.

SEP based sampling does not support call graph.

That said - the usage model limitation is license based. Thus, if you additionally register for a 30 day eval license of the Intel VTune Amplifier XE and simply copy that license file to /opt/intel/licenses you will also be able to follow the standard Amplifier XE native sampling model and to use callgraph as well.

Rgds, Rob

Thank. I did what you said and I could see call graphs.
What we needed was to see call graphs not sampling based statistics.

I have two more questions.
1. Vtune Amplifier 2011 is sampling based and does not support call graphs. Am I right?

2. If we want to purchase it to use call graphs, which one we should buy? Do we have to buy both 1) Software Development Tool Suites for Intel Atom Processor and 2) Vtune Amplifier 2011 ?

Thank you.

To your two questins:

1. Amplifier as included in the regular Parallel Studio does indeed not have call graph capabilities . VTune Amplifier XE as in the standalone product or in the Parallel Studio XE has a new feature for sampling statistical call graph vs.the "real" call graph in VTune Performance Analyzer. The advantage - overhead is considerably less than call graph in VTune Analyzer, but the behavior is a bit different too.

2. If all you are interested in is indeed the call graph feature then VTune Amplifier XE should be sufficient for you. Since the VTune Performance Analyzer is the predecessor product I guess you can open a support ticket and request access to the old outdated product, if the new statistical callgrpah feature does not meet your expectations

The Embeded Software Development Tool Suite is however indeed the only product that still offers direct IRC download of the old VTune PErformance Analyzer 9.1.

Thanks, Rob

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