Linux-2.6.28 for CE4100

Linux-2.6.28 for CE4100

I want to build some kernel modules for my CE4100 sodaville board, which runs Linux 2.6.28, but I am having a real hard time trying to find where I can get the kernel that Intel uses.

Anyone have a URL for download?


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Dear Lund,

the OS images for Intel Atom Processor CE4100 are not publicly distributed and neither are the sources. That said I would recommend you contact your local Intel FAE, AE or TME and they can get you in touch with the right organization in Intel who whould be able to provide you with the image and sources you are looking for.

Thanks, Rob

That can't be right, surely?

Intel is usually a sane company, and since it is trying to move into embedded media player market, bad press as being sued for GPL license violation would be bad news, I find it hard to believe that they would chose to do that?
That can't be right..

That aside, I simply want to compile a kernel module, and the man hours wasted because they are kept "private" is most inconvenient. But thanks for your reply, I have a path to follow.

Dear Lund,

I am more than happy to help get you in touch with the correct contact at Intel so you can get access to the sources for your development platform.

I simply assumed that you have an Intel AE or FAE that you are working with and that could provide you with the correct sources for your specific development platform.

Can you tell me the exact specs of your CE4100 based platform and whom you received it from so I can more easily point you to the the right contact to provide you with the sources you desire?

Thanks, Rob

P.S. As you correctlyimplied Intel does of course take it's obligations under GPL quite seriously. For any platform that we publicly distribute or sell with GPL software on it, Intel will also provide sources forsaid GPLsoftware.

Intel does however not generally provide Intel Atom Processor CE4100 based development platforms except to our close development partners. Therefore my assumption that you had an Intel AE or FAE you are working with. Please let me know if this assumption is incorrect.

I have already passed the request up-stream on my end, it is just a shame to hassle them with something that definitely should be available.

When I worked on Sigma's media player, the biggest frustration was that, even though Sigma (reluctantly) released the kernel, the SDK was private and 'exclusive'. The community could not tinker on this platform.
Then the news comes that Intel is moving in, and Intel's SDK is available for download! Except, the kernel isn't. Hah, oh sweet irony. I was very much hoping it would be different finally, but I guess I should have known better by now :)
Thanks for your hard work on the forums, I see your name everywhere and it is appreciated.

Edit: I have received what I need now.. :)


Hi Lund

How did you get what you needed as I am looking for the same?


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