Bootloader development kit

Bootloader development kit


I am working on bootloader for Intel Atom N450 processor. I would like to knowthe following information about thebootloader development kit (BLDK)provided by Intel.

Is there any evaluation version of the BLDK available for download? Can we develop boot strap code and boot loader both using the BLDK? Can we use any other open source bootloader with BLDK?

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the Intel BLDK (Bootloder Development Kit) landing page can be found at the Intel Embedded Design Center (EDC).

The exact link location is

This site includes a download option. The currently released product is however not targeting the Intel Atom processor N450 yet.

The Intel BLDK does include the bootstrap portion of the code, however this code part is only available in binary form and thus as far as I can see not open for modifcation.

I may however be wrong. Please check with your Intel AE/FAE contact for more details.

Thanks for the information!!

Does the boot code image provided with BLDK includes POST?

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