relationship of iegd video bios and S-3 mode

relationship of iegd video bios and S-3 mode

We are using the Silverthorne Z510 CPU.

I made the graphic driver and VideoBIOS using EDID.

if we test Video Bios at system BIOS, launch to S-3mode and is not wake up.

However, If we test to Video Bios for UMG, this nomally operates to wake - up.

I wish to ask a favor of you.I made Video BIOS & Driver by IEGD.
So Please investigate error point after view document which send you

When we use IEGD VideoBIOS and Driver, Please answer about that we have parts to other work on BIOS in S3.

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Dear Taekyung,

sorry for not getting back to you on this question sooner. I forwarded your question to the UMG software engineering team, who may be better able than the software development tools folks to address your video bios question.

I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.

Thanks, Rob

Dear Taekyung,

I have been advised that you will need to submit this issue to the IEDG team at UMG. You should have access to the relevant Z5xx product category at (Intel Premier Support). Please resubmit your issue there.

Thanks, Rob

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