ISS 2014 Beta - How to install license for Intel Inspector?

ISS 2014 Beta - How to install license for Intel Inspector?


I am getting error trying to use Intel Inspector while running on Intel CE4200 R31 target environment.

I copied the license from email when I signed up for the Beta as below (from USB stick to target file system in connected HDD):

# cp /tmp/mnt/04DE-D818/BETA_L___BM5T-78J5V2C5.lic /opt/intel/licenses/.

When I try to run on target I get the error below:

# cd /opt/intel/inspector_2014_for_systems/bin32/ # ./inspxe-cl -r /result03 -collect mi2 tvmode 720p

Result 1280x720p59.94 Intel(R) Inspector Command Line tool Copyright (C) 2009-2013 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Error: Intel(R) Inspector 2014 for Systems license check failed. Your system clock has been set back. Licenses with expiration dates cannot be used. Reset your system clock and try again.


Question: WIll the license provided work on embedded target?  I have no problem with the license on the host system, and have used ISS 2013 version of Intel Inspector on the same target platform.

Thanks, -Darius

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Hi Darius,

this error message indicates that the time stamp of some files has been manually modified and may even be after the current date. You are running into a FLEXlm security feature that protects against resetting the clock to outsmart the licensing. This may have been caused by installing files with a time stamp from another time zone for instants.

The only solution is to make sure that you "touch" all the fies that may be impacted and correct their timestamp to current.

Thanks, Rob


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