BLDK for E5-2600v2 Family and S2600CP

BLDK for E5-2600v2 Family and S2600CP


I was referred to these forums by Intel support to verify that the Boot Loader Development Kit (BLDK) could be used for an Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 CPU being run on an Intel S2600CP4 Server board now or in the future. They seemed to believe so but could not confirm this and recommended I try here. Does anyone have any feedback on this? What documentation I could find on the BLDK mentioned only a few supported products.

Thank you!

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Dear Tyler,

although Intel System Studio can be used for for JTAG based BLDK debug, this product line does not directly own the BLDK.

The main website for the BLDK is here:

That said - I did contact the BLDK development team and asked them for an answer to your question or for assistance in getting you in touch with the right support team.

I'll get back to you shortly.

Thanks, Rob

Thanks for your help. I'm most likely in the wrong place as I'm pretty new here and still figuring out where to ask for help.

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Hi Tyler,

I got feedback from the BLDK team.

The Bootloader Development Kit (BLDK) focuses on Intel Atom Processors.

For current generations of those the combination of Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP) and bootloader is recommended

For Intel Xeon processors really a UEFI compliant BIOS from or a BIOS vendor is the recommended solution. There is currently no Xeon support with the BLDK

Thanks, Rob


Alright, thanks a lot Rob. For future reference is there a more appropriate forum I should use?

Hi Tyler,

for this kind of question probably the Embedded Community would be a good starting point.

If you have developmen tools (compiler, debugger, performance analyzer) specific question, please feel free to come back to this forum though :-)

Thanks, Rob

Thanks for all your help!

Hi, Tyler S!  Would love to have you utilize the Embedded Community for BLDK questions.  Feel free to ask-away whenever needed!


Thanks LynnZ, I'll look there in the future

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