Unable to Register component on iotkit dash board

Unable to Register component on iotkit dash board

Hi ,

I have register intel galileo on iotkit dashboard but not able to register component.

I am using following command :

iotkit-admin register <comp_name> <catalogid> which I get from 


After hitting this command I am getting following error:

2014-02-20T22:22:54.624Z - info: Starting registration ...
2014-02-20T22:22:55.082Z - info: Activating ...
2014-02-20T22:23:02.436Z - error: Activation Rejected:  {"code":1410,"message":"Invalid Activation Code"}  --> error
2014-02-20T22:23:02.454Z - error: Error in the registration process ... 300


Can any one please help me out ?



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Looks like your board is not activated yet. 

In Add/Edit device section, you will have to enter the device id of your board. you can get the device id by using following command on the board.

iotkit-admin device-id

Enter the device id in the cloud. after that, it will privde an activation code for your device.

in your board enter following command

iotkit-admin activate <activation code from cloud>

after this step, you register your component. 


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