gcc/g++ setup for cross compiling

gcc/g++ setup for cross compiling

I evaluate Intel System Studio for possible cross-compiling setup. I understand that it is only a way to obtain Intel cross compiler for Linux target.

My host is Windows 7 and target platform is Linux (Intel CPU).

I am trying to compile simple helloworld program and receive an error "could not find directory in which g++.exe resides". I understand that icc relies on additional cross gcc installation. Can you point me on some documentation how to install cross platform gcc compiler for Linux target? So I could compile on Windows for Linux target?

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You may refer this webpage for more Intel cross compiler information. 


please feel free to let me know if you have further question.



Unfortunately this document does not explain how to install additional Windows software (gcc, SDK, etc), needed for cross compiling.

My host is Windows ant target is Linux x86_64. If you have additional references about this configuration - it would be nice.

Just for information: one of the possible cross platform gcc compilers : Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2016.11-19 for AMD64 GNU/Linux

It works with Intel cross compiler.

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