Intel System Studio 2019 Update 4 setup hangs forever

Intel System Studio 2019 Update 4 setup hangs forever

While installing Intel System Studio 2019 Update 4, I have a hard time believing it is installing succesfully. It has been hung on step '61/63: Visual Studio 2017 and 1029 integration' for over 10 minutes. I am still seeing it spawn processes such as VSIXInstaller, devenv, VSFinalizer, conhost and it is using some CPU in spikes of a few seconds, but I believe it is hung. Maybe it is just intermittently retrying? Now while I am looking around on my computer, some websites and writing this for another 10 minutes, it suddenly decides to finish blazingly fast.


Is it just stealing my time because I downloaded this for free or is this an installer bug?

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Eric, if it gave you an error after installing then it could be something wrong. but if it didnt then thats normal behaviour. The installer does take some time to do VS integration. If you feel this will be reproducible and it took a lot a of time for you then we can investigate more but I haven't seen the issue in other systems.

Some time yeah sure I agree. But 20 minutes is completely silly.

If only for the complete lack of any progress on most days I would give up and kill the process. And most people would if they don't check Task Manager and find these processes intermittently spawning.

Seriously, the whole process is archaic. Please make this a simple VSIX which installs from the marketplace. I already had an Intel account but the whole process - merely just to find what I need and just get the bits, it is waaaay too involved, let alone you get stuck with the error 'Cannot start Visual Studio while setup is running' for another 20 minutes of non-productivity.

Kind of but to take the point home: its just a compiler.


Eric, I am interested to see your logs for installation. If you can still provide them? I know its late but let me know and we can work on this

Sure, if you can tell me where they are - and they are still present. I haven't knowingly deleted such files, although Windows might have done that automatically.

They might be deleted but it doesn't hurt to check. 

Installation log can be found in –

Windows* Host / Linux* Target: The Intel System Studio installer writes log files to %TEMP%\Intel. These log file names start with intel.pset, end with a timestamp and have the extension .log

Windows* Host / Windows* Target: The Intel System Studio installer writes log files to %TEMP%\pset_tmp_ISS2019WT_[username]\. These log files will be in the log directory in the directory with the name matching the date of collection and have the extension .log

If %TEMP% is resolved from the logged-in users context then it is C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp and it is swamped with various setup logs but none of them dates back to the installation date of 8 oct and no directory named Intel exists.

If it is resolved from a SYSTEM context pretty much the same is true for C:\WINDOWS\Temp.


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