Wrong dependency for Oracle Linux

Wrong dependency for Oracle Linux


I have used Oracle Linux with System Studio for a few years now.

ISS 2020Update1 is failing and asking for libgtk2.0 as a dependency. That is a debian package.

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Mathew - I am not sure if Oracle Linux is supported . According to the System requirements here https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-system-studio-release-no... Oracle Linux is not in the list of supported Hosts. The supported Linux hosts are 

Ubuntu* 18.04 LTS • Fedora* 31 • Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 8 • Red Hat* Enterprise Linux* 7 • SUSE* Linux* Enterprise Server 15 • SUSE* Linux* Enterprise Server 12 • CentOS* 8, 7

Hi Juhi

I am now running Redhat 8.2. It is still asking for libgtk2.0 to be preinstalled for Target Indicator.

gtk2-devel is installed.

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For Intel system debugger in Intel system studio  you need to Install libcanberra-gtk-module for run-time execution of Intel® System Debugger Target Indicator

▪ Ubuntu*: sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module

▪ Fedora*: sudo yum install libcanberra-gtk2


If you not planning to use that tool you can probably go without this



I have the same issue with CentOS 8. Its asking for libgtk2.0 for prerequisite.

But I just continued the installation.

It worked fine in me end. All existing projects from Ubuntu successfully built in the newly prepared CentOS 8 build node.



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